Elly Dream Contemporary Portrait Photographer | Family | Headshot | Marlboro & Middletown NJ



Thank you for your time, your help to bring the Elly Dream Photo Portraits to the next level of quality and creativity! 

What can you expect?

  • In 2-3 weeks after our modeling session, you will receive 2 of the very best images that we took during the session 
  • Both images are fully edited and available to download for any of your digital needs
  • Both images can be printed up to 8×10.
  • You get Limited Commercial Use Rights for these images: you can use them for your LinkedIn and other social media profiles, resumes, websites, small printable materials up to 1000 copies each.
  • Image choice is at the discretion of the photographer: we assure you, that we would select 2 very best images where you look your absolute best and finish them in the most flattering way.

What if you wish to print them bigger or to be able to duplicate it in more copies?

  • We take quality really seriously and if you need your images printable larger than 8×10, please reach out to us for the details/pricing/products that we would be thrilled to offer you!

What if I’d love to get more images?

  • Super excited to hear that! We created a really fascinating body of work and would be thrilled to offer them to you! Please allow us to treat you like a client of ours, setup a Viewing and Ordering Appointment to review 15-30 absolutely very best and fully edited images that we captured during the session, and create special digital or printed works of art that would work the best for your business, your brand, your home, your legacy. Please review our website for more information on the prices and collections that we offer.

How do I know these are the images that I like the best? Can I look at others?

  • Absolutely! We made sure to select the very best, creme of the crop, cherry on the top from the session that we had. Determined to present only the highest quality, we only show finished work to our clients. 
  • If you know what other image needs we can help you with using the other images that we created, we would be thrilled to treat you as a regular client! Let us know what is the final medium for those extra images (is it your website? brochure? business card? or a portrait above the fireplace?) 
  • We would be thrilled to set up a Viewing and Ordering Appointment, and present you with 15-30 images that suit those needs the best. 
  • Our Commercial Right images start at $650 for the first three, $195 for each additional one.
  • Our Portraits start at $550.
  • Visit our website for details or let us know if we should share more information about investing into the unique products that we offer!

Let us know if you have any more questions!

Create your own collection

A Dream Photo headshot and Personal Branding session - glamour and fun, everyday women and moms looking catalogue worthy

We don’t offer packages: we don’t want you to forced forced or tricked into getting something you never needed in a first place. Investing in Elly’s artpieces, you only get the products that you absolutely LOVE, the ones reflecting your personal esthetic, custom fitted for your home; the ones, your children will be fighting for once you are gone. 

Create a Collection offers a better value for your investment and some unique products not available elsewhere.

Most of our clients prefer to Create Their Own Collection: your own ideal package, custom-tailored to your artistic preferences and needs.

Create A Collection takes just 2 simple steps!

  1. Select how many images/digital files do you wish to have in your keepsake folio box: starting at $1200 and going up from there.
  2. Select one or more art piece of your choice (starting at $550):
    • Wall Art
    • Portrait Gallery Wall Grouping
    • Custom Album