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the inspiration

Core design principles



Frank Lloyd Write believed in creating his architectural masterpieces in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment, its spirit and unique qualities.  

The Guggenheim building in NY breathes the wild spiraling energy of the city… all while presenting gallery viewer with an opportunity for a uniquely immersive experience while reviewing the artworks. 

His masterpiece “Falling Water”, that I love from every standpoint and angle, has an entirely different look… yet each of the incredible buildings bears the signature “out of the box” style, that breathes through each of his works.  The magically serene character of the little Pennsylvania valley reflects in its “waterfall-like” structure and evokes a totally different feeling… yet, just as powerful and thought-enducing! 

The final environment and presentation, as well as the purpose and energy of those we are portraying – are the major principles that dictate the mood and technical aspects of the art piece, resulting in bringing it a greater meaning.

Deeper look

Probably the most famous masterpiece of Rene Magritte is his image of a wooden pipe with a bold statement underneath: “This is not a pipe.”

It is through the studies of classical painters – we enrich and refine our understanding of lighting, impact and proportion.  

My passion lays with the surrealists. 

Every detail, every shadow, every thought behind it – presents a puzzle, with the understanding of its hidden meaning – being the prize for solving it.  The more you look, the more you search – the closer you get to understand it… or do you? It is a game and a mystery, a philosophical dilemma and a life’s greatest question all in one ray of a divine inspiration.


Restoration Hardware design ethos is inspired by Leonardo’s Vetruvian Man, one of the first things RH wants you  to relate to on their site. RH state that they “subscribe to the principles of Vitruvius – that perfect proportions exist in human design and beauty is produced by the pleasing appearance and good taste of the whole.”

I study their designs with faithful diligence: I am fascinated by their combination of the sophisticated simplicity, clean elegance, out of the box stylishness, immaculate practicality and personalization touches.

Everything has its place and function. Quality is regarded at the highest standard and details reflect personality.


This is the foundation that keeps all three pillars of my Parthenon balanced. 
This is the foundation that keeps any creative thinker’s, artist’s moral compass moving in the right direction.
This is foundation that keeps the discipline to persist with daily practices, learning, improving, pushing my craftsmenship to the new level. This is the diligence of executing every project at the highest level of service, quality and professional standard.