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This story is deeply personal. Yet, for once, I am ready to lift the veil of my own family privacy…

My dear Dad,  a 76-year-old man from Kyiv, at the beginning of March, bravely crossed a bridge across Dnepr on foot (!!!), in his slow steps, with only a small backpack that contained nothing but a toothbrush and an extra sweater to protect him from the freezing wintery winds. Due to the continuous Russian shelling of the city, all forms of transportation across the river were prohibited. My father was blessed to be among the last ones to cross this bridge; the following day it was blown up by the Ukrainian army as a preventive measure to slow down the invaders…

Another crossing – the Ukrainian border – on foot, again, leaving his homeland, his heart, his life’s work behind…

4 countries, 4 methods of transportation. 4 children in US, going insane with worry over hundreds of dangers…

I am not here to describe the tears we shed the moment he finally entered my home in NJ. How much I wish this story ended here… but after all the trouble we all went through, my father ended up returning back to Ukraine to face the difficulties along with his countrymen. His desire to contribute to their resilience in the on-going struggle – with his people overcame the comforts and safety we wished to share with him.

I am here to come to an aid for those who were not as fortunate as us here, who are still in danger of being brutally murdered, starved, or…

… who could tremendously benefit from any act of kindness our hearts can share.

Ukraine Donation Organization

Direct Help For Ukraine, featured on CNN, is a grassroots, volunteer effort dedicated to helping the crisis faced by Ukrainian families. 100% of your donation is going straight into the hands of those in need.

The lists of supplies are forwarded to us from Ukraine, updated on the daily basis, packaged by our closest friends here on the East Coast, distributed by the volunteers that we know and and trust to the families, hospitals, and defense units.

Photographers for Ukraine

Photographers for Ukraine are matching your donations to Direct Help for Ukraine with fine art portraiture credit.
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  • 💛  Donate to Direct Help for Ukraine or have us transfer $200 from your session fee towards communities in Kharkiv and Kiev
  • 💙  Schedule your luxury Dream Portrait Platinum Family session to preserve your family legacy or create the best business headshots you ever had while we are donating a percentage of every order towards Ukrainian families in need.
  • 💛  For a donation of $250 or more, receive a Gift of Art matching your donation! (ask us for details)
  • 💙  Turn-key service from conception to final installation!
  • 💛  Share the right values with your children as you stand against aggression and feel the empowerment from the gratitude of a multitude of Ukrainian families!
  • 💙  The Art of Your Family Portraiture customized to your interior design – for years to come!

Photographers For Ukraine LogoFor those whose heart is bleeding every time they open a newsfeed and hear about another atrocity perpetrated against people in Ukraine. Somebody’s moms, dads. Little children. Grandparents. Stranded. Bombed. Slandered. Terrified…

We are a group of artists across the country, matching your donations to Direct To Ukraine fundraising organization with a credit towards your family portraiture.

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 Photographers for Ukraine  team

If you know anyone in those areas interested in creating art for their families while they are providing support to Ukrainian families, please forward this page to them or reach out to any of the above photographers!

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All donations processed in the month of May - get doubled - and Ukrainian charities can receive twice the amount you are willing to gift!