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As a parent, my deepest commitment lies in my family and community. I wish that having to learn how to nurture children with diverse abilities, ranging from autism to ADHD, weren’t a part of my personal experience. Additionally, the profound impact of losing a parent at an early age on an entire family is something I wish no one had to face. As a blessed daughter of a cancer survivor, as well as someone whose close loved ones are not so lucky and experiencing the inhumane levels of suffering conflict-ridden regions, I continuously allocate a portion of my time and income to support organizations dedicated to providing hope and relief.

At Elly Dream Portraiture we are fully devoted to and steadfastly engaged in assisting organizations that raise essential funds for preventing, intervening in, and supporting those in need.


We are proud to donate our award-winning  Luxury Fine Art family portrait session experience to a worthy cause.


Together your gracious donors we will create an artistic heirloom, to preserve family’s unique personality in a fun memorable experience. A key-turn service from beginning to end, from the initial design to the final portrait installation!

Your gracious donor receives

  • Pre-session Design & Style Consultation
  • Platinum family portrait session
  • In-person Viewing  Appointment
  • Fully finished and framed fine art 12 x 16 portrait of their choice
  • No obligation to purchase additional portraits
  • Turn-key service from conception to final installation!
  • Normally a $1250 value experience for a client

Our setup is simple and can be tailored to the needs of your organization.

Our goal is to give a busy mom devoted to her family a Luxurious experience of fun, love, and connection resulting in her very own Dream Portrait that…

  • Captures the unique personality of the family
  • Reflects the style of their home
  • Empowers and inspires confidence
  • Creates harmony
  • Makes everyone look absolutely the best
  • Will get passed down through the generations!

Get more insights into the special service we provide, our portfolio, and the raving testimonials!

A Dream Photo portrait for a family photosession for children showcasing their authentic true nature, love, connection with each other and parents in Marlboro, Holmdel, Middletown NJ
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