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“Displaying photos prominently in the home sends the message that our family and those in it are important to one another, and we honor the memories we have experienced,“ - Cathy Lander-Goldberg, psychologist.

Begin with the end in mind

You know you need some family images, but do you already know what to do with them? Far too many precious family moments are turning into unrecoverable digital dust on our hard drives.

Even before picking up the camera, through a detailed interview, Elly will identify your portrait goals, potential display options in your home, your favorite ways to enjoy your legacy, ideal way to pass it down.

Elly is photographing very differently for a wall portrait, wall gallery and an album, customizing its look for every home and family dynamics. Elly maps out the outfits, backdrops, lighting and the flow based on the final result we are all creating.

Telling Your story in a luxurious, custom-designed album captures and preserves this stage of Your personal and Your Family History.


Armed with the results of your questionnaire and your expectations, Elly will dive into details of every kid’s personality, your passions, energy, stylistic preferences.

During a pre-consultation, we will explore in detail the ideal outfits that photograph the best, your dream shooting location, session sequences. 

We pride ourselves on being completely transparent in all details of our process: we will discuss pricing, investment options, scheduling and production timeframes.

We will finish this session with the thorough understanding of your expectations, and you – of the best route to succeed!

A Dream Photo portrait for a family photosession for children showcasing their authentic true nature, love, collenction with each other and parents in Middletown NJ

The session

Our favorite way to start the session – with a professional hair and make up service that we provide. Elly dedicates the beginning of our session to mom’s beauty, directing and explaining what moves will translate to the camera view the best.  

By the time your family is ready to join us – you will be a professional model and will enjoy looking gorgeous both in our portraits and your own selfies!

Elly encompasses and playful twist into every session. The children enjoy the playful picture taking so much, that you will have a hard time dragging them away from our studio!

Order and design Appointment

Let the real fun begin! 

We are super excited to see you back at the studio 2-3 weeks after the session to review your images and finalize their use in your albums and wall galleries!  

The most exciting part? The cutting edge technology that allows us to see the stunning artworks that we created, projected onto the walls of your own home!

…Original client’s wall snapshot with their portraits projected digitally…

No more guess-work or regrets of ordering in the wrong size… you get to design the gallery of your dreams… in reality and to see it come to your very own walls exactly as you envisioned during our Order and Design Appointment! 

Absolutely love this real-life example of our client’s beautiful home showcasing the images during the design phase… and fully installed!


…And the final canvas collage as it still decorates their stylish dining room 5 years later!..


Delivery and Instalation

Is “A little bit to the left” fight between well-meaning husbands and their perfectionist wife part of your family folclore after every photosession?

Every order of two portraits or more includes a professional installation.  No need to keep your gorgeous artwork collecting dust at the back of a closet, waiting for its lucky day…  Instead, your beautiful gallery gets replenished 4-6 weeks after every single one of your orders with the special portraits that we created together, and you can enjoy it together rather then fight over it!

Preserve Your dream

We create the images together – you get to take all the credit! 

The research shows that children growing in households that display their images on the walls feel more connected and confident.  

Enjoy the renewed feeling of bond with your family, empowerment by your success by preserving your legacy!

The Long term plan

A Dream Photo session mom with kids beautiful connected smiling authentic timeless

The happily ever after for this story takes place… year after year, when we get to see your children return, grow and mature!

We would love to show your beauty through the ages, changes and achievements!

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Elly doesn’t just takes photographs, she takes a moment in the life of you and your family and creates a timeless memory that would make you stop and wonder every time you look at the image.
- Marina Vodovozov
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I've been dreaming about beautiful pictures of my family. All dreams should come true!!! It is hard to express how greatful I am to Elly! She was the first photographer who didn't simply made pictures of my kids and myself. Those were pictures of our emotions, feelings, relationships, love and happiness!!!
- Annie Uhnichenko
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Amazing quality, highly professional. A pleasure to work with. I love my new photos!
- Art Kravchenko
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...Not only my headshot photo experience was fun, but Elly was able to capture a balance, so that the pictures both look like me and I am proud to display them to clients. I now have a "social" head shot, a "friendly therapist" head shot and "hired by big corporation" head shot. I did not know that it was possible to have so many "looks" that I liked!..
- Dr. Julie Davelman
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Full 1
Our photo session was effortless and pleasant. Elly is a great master of creating lasting memories!
- Bryan Breslov
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Full 1
What an amazing experience!.. Elly shared professional tips how to pose ( i use them for every selfie!) Elly kept chatting with me during photoshoot ( she has a great sense of humor!) and I started to feel more confident. She made me look like a supermodel! I recommend everyone to give themself a gift and book a photo session with ADreamphoto!
- Ilona Pakhomova
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Elly is a wizard behind the camera... She knows how to make your authenticity shine through the photos. Alena has a very relaxing demeanor and you can totally feel at ease working with her. The resulting shots have depth, personality, charm... they are candid and delicate... pure magic! I can’t say enough and absolutely enjoy our sessions together!
- Svetlana Serbinenko
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Full 1
Our photo session was effortless and pleasant. Elly Alenka is a great master of creating lasting memories!
- Katarina Cohen
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Elly, what a wonderful job you did photographing our family. Thank you for the beautiful portraits you took of my boys... You captured my children in a way that I see them as their mom and now I will have those images forever. Thanks so much!!!
- Irina Halaburda
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A Dream Photo albums from a family photosession for children and baby
Elly took a ten-day old bundle of uncontrolled head and limbs and arranged them into the amazing pictures of my son that both we and he will treasure forever.
-Leo and Julie Davelman
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Full 1
...It is a hard work, but Elly made it so much fun for the kids they wanted to play more! And now I am very happy to see these sweet pictures with the faces that I love so much!..
- Marina Dopson
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