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Newborns, babies, children. Each of them changes every day; each – has some important milestones to commemorate and preserve…
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Once In A Lifetime…

Welcome To the Family
Problem: Andrew is growing too fast!! This adorable newcomer is cherished by his family, as they acutely realize, this little sweetness will fit into their hands, will get into these tight wraps that showcase his preciousness – for another few days before outgrowing this stage forever. He will not be any less precious, but photographing some of the artistic special shots Anderw’s family is longing to preserve on the walls of his nursery – may no longer be possible. 

Solution: Take pictures within the first two weeks of baby’s life while the baby sleeps soundly through the session and Andrew’s brother and sister are still in “Sibling Honeymoon” stage. Address Andrew’s safety concerns by maintaining meticulously clean environment, fully vaccinated staff, trained assistants, kid/baby friendly environment in the studio.

The Process: 
The Jones want it all: they need a fine-art gallery in the baby’s nursery to daily remind the little baby Andrew, that being the third one, doesn’t make him any less special. That memorable reminder of how excited his older brother and sister were to welcome him into the family – needs to be in a prominent size and timeless finish. And, of course, the album will hold all the special little in-between moments and details, that make this moment in the family’s life absolutely unique!

Once Upon A Time…

Elly Dream Photo - Little Baby Girl in Holmdel NJ - 12 months - 1 year - Smash Cake

The First Story: The Little Princess’s Sweet Discoveries
Problem: The Kaufman’s baby girl is a real princess. How can someone so little know exactly what she wants?! Yes, the dress, the jewels, the attention!  And all of the family is just insane for her cutest little antiques!

Solution. The little diva deserves a full treatment: a fashionable tutu matching her nursery colors, stylish jewelry and accessories; a custom made (and  (first ever, matching the colors snd style of the shoot!) special desert; and a spa treatment in a bubble bath at the end!

The Process: 
The family wants to preserve every single one of the adorable expressions of their baby girl, of her big brother’s tenderness, of mom’s and dad’s devotion the long awaited little darling! Album could be the best way to enjoy these moments for years to come.

Not just any album! A special little princess like this , deserves a special custom one, preserving the whole story in a whimsical and unique way, capturing every detail, connection, charming moment of this incredible experience!

Gentleman’s time.

Celebrating the firsts!
Problem: Being surrounded by 4 brothers, James’ firsts still require a special celebration – his first steps and smiles should not go unnoticed!  James deserves a special experience, that recognizes and celebrates each of his achievements… as if his loved ones encountered them for the first time as well! 

Solution: this particular experience is all about him: yes, his first steps; yes, his urge to crawl up and discover things to get in trouble for; yes, his first birthday cake to be smashed!

The Process: 
As a real gentleman, James gets his hat, his stand to lean on, his first steps to be remembered and his first birthday cake – to enjoy the occasion. 

In an eclectic home full of portraits, a family asked us to photograph this session towards an album and a large Heritage Box that he’ll be able to take with him once much bigger steps of his future self take him elsewhere. Taking the interior style of their home into account, we create a beautiful design to preserve this special moment and help James feel valued, cherished and celebrated despite his birth order! 

Through a game, play and genuine interaction, each of your kids’ unique personalities comes into the spotlight.
With the detailed interviews and interactions, we select an artistic way to preserve, that corresponds to your family’s personality and the interior design of your home!

Would you like a special portrait of each of Your children, reflecting the unique qualities and your love in each of them?

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