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Customizing portraits for your home

At Elly Dream Photo, we we believe that the beauty of family portraits lies not only in capturing treasured moments but also in seamlessly integrating them into your home’s interior design. In this blog post, we will showcase how our portrait studio can help you customize photographic portraits that perfectly harmonize with the aesthetics of your family home, creating a unique and personal touch that reflects your style and memories.

As the first step in our creation process and utilize the latest technologies of trying the resulting portraits on the walls of our clients’ homes, we ask each family to send us snapshots of the locations they could enjoy the portraits we are about to create.

The process is super simple:

Elly-Dream-Photo_Customizing-Portraits-To-Home_how-to-photograph-walls-Step-1 Step 1:

Tape a standard 8x.5×11 piece of paper to the wall

Step 2:

Back up far enough to include furniture and other room elements that will give a sense of scale to the final image

Elly-Dream-Photo_Customizing-Portraits-To-Home_how-to-photograph-walls-Step-3Step 3:

Take the image straight on to the wall and not at an angle. This provides the most accurate visualization in our software.

That’s it! Done, that easy!

Now our customers can relax and enjoy watching us create the gallery of their dreams on the walls of their own home – a fascinating creative endeavor made possible by the modern technology… and years of experience 😉

Want to step behind the scenes and see what are some of the considerations for us to keep in mind during the design process? These are just a few!

1. Understanding Your Family Home’s Style:
At Elly Dream Photo, we value the individuality of each family home. Our first step is to comprehend your home’s interior design style, whether it exudes warmth and coziness, modern sophistication, or a blend of eclectic elements. By understanding your home’s style, we can tailor our customization techniques to create portraits that seamlessly fit within your existing decor.

2. Coordinating Colors and Themes:
Colors play a significant role in interior design, and we pay careful attention to color coordination when customizing your photographic portraits. With an insane level of attention to detail, we ensure that the outfits, accessories as well as frames, mats, or editing techniques – complement or match the color scheme of your home. By ensuring color harmony, your portraits will naturally blend with the surroundings and create a visually pleasing impact.

3. Creating Size and Proportional Balance:
The size and proportions of photographic portraits are crucial for achieving a balanced and cohesive look within your family home. Our studio offers a range of sizing options to cater to different wall spaces and furniture arrangements. Whether you desire a striking focal point with a larger portrait or an arrangement of smaller portraits, we will guide you in selecting the perfect size and layout to suit your home’s unique dimensions.

4. Choosing Thoughtful Frames and Display Options:
The right frame and display options can significantly enhance the overall impact of your photographic portraits. Elly Dream Photo provides a wide selection of frames to suit various interior design styles. From sleek and contemporary to ornate and traditional, we will assist you in choosing frames that best complement your family home’s decor. Additionally, we can recommend display options such as gallery walls, shelves, or curated arrangements that highlight the personality of your portraits while harmonizing with your interior design.

5. Lighting and Placement Considerations:
Proper lighting is essential for showcasing the beauty of your photographic portraits. Our experts will assess the lighting conditions in the chosen area of display and offer suggestions on optimizing the lighting to accentuate the portraits. We will also provide guidance on strategic placement to create an inviting and eye-catching display. Whether it’s a prominent wall in the living room or a cozy corner in the hallway, we will ensure that your portraits take center stage and become an integral part of your family home’s ambiance.

6. Personalizing with Meaningful Details:
To create a personalized touch, Elly Dream Photo encourages incorporating meaningful details into your photographic portrait displays. From personalized photo collages and captions to adding cherished mementos alongside the portraits, we can help you infuse your family’s unique story into the overall design. These personalized elements not only enhance the connection between your portraits and your family home but also add a heartfelt touch that resonates with your loved ones.

Looks overwhelming? Haha, this is just the starting point. And the best part that we make it as easy as possible by offering this design process part of our turn-key service, the special Dream Experience that we are excited to create for each of the families coming to our studio!

With Elly Dream Photo’s expertise in customizing photographic portraits, you can transform your family home’s interior design into a reflection of your cherished memories and style. By understanding your home’s style, coordinating colors, selecting appropriate sizes and frames, considering lighting and placement, and adding personal touches, we ensure that your photographic portraits seamlessly integrate into your family home, becoming a captivating and meaningful part of its visual narrative. Trust us to create customized portraits that celebrate your family’s story while adding warmth, personality, and artistic beauty to your cherished living space.

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