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Challenges in a Photosession for a 5 month old baby boy!

Elly Dream Photo Middletown NJ Marlboro Holmdel baby lying on a tummy

Anthony has turned five months.  Anthony has some great accomplishments to boast about: he is a roll-over master, he is a baby-push-up pro, he is a champ at grabbing his sweet chubby toes, he is a winner of the Cutest Drooly Award.  And he is just adorable.  Yahoo!  Time for another photo shoot for this Marlboro NJ native!

Once Anthony reaches our Middletown studio, we discover another special superpower that he certainly can be super proud of: he can… drum-roll…


Yes, he can touch his toes. Yet, while this skill is super adorable, it is totally harmless 😉

The super challenging one is… he can crawl. What, you don’t think it is that big of a deal? Well, his mom is convinced it is a huge ordeal, haha!

Elly Dream Photo Middletown NJ Marlboro Holmdel baby lying on a tummy


Elly Dream Family Photo session in Middletown NJ (Marlboro, Holmdel residents welcome!) Baby getting ready to crawl as he is lying on a tummy

First and foremost, this young gentleman is on a roll. To him, it, surely, feels like a superpower!! He finally can actually reach all of those seductive fascinating things and lick it all over! Yep.  Usually, that one presents a challenge both for a mom – nothing is safe anymore!  Time for serious babyproofing the house! aaaaahhh!  – and for a photographer. Oops, the subject is no longer in a picture. Would you like an empty picture frame for today, mom

Yet, this wasn’t the challenge we faced that day.  

Anthony missed a nap.  A huge no-no in a baby world, though it is hard to tell from this sweet little face.

Oh, wait, not so little: the doctor refused to assign a percentile to Anthony during their last appointment! He may have started in this world as an unusually tiny newborn, but now this baby-giant is breaking all percentile records with his weight and height records.  97%?  98%?  Don’t ask. Those are too small for this big boy! 


Nevertheless, the missing nap still caught up with him at the very beginning of our session.  “Happy dude” took a sudden flight and we’ve got Mr. Sleepy and Mr. Grumpy instead.  

As it turned out later, Anthony was feeling totally under the weather, coming down with some common cold. So Mr. Happy had a very good reason for abandoning us so suddenly.  

No worries, mommy!  We got beautiful images, and we are looking forward to see Anthony again for another baby session once he feels better and ready to share his delightful smile with us again!


Elly Dream Family Photo session in Middletown NJ (Marlboro, Holmdel residents welcome!) An adorable baby boy Anthony is reaching for toes as he is contemplating the new challenges 

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