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I would love...
my images to reflect Your personality,
my products to suit Your home,
my arstistry to express
Your inner purpose,
and our adventure together
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the artist behind the camera

I am a contemporary portrait photographer, passionate to preserve life’s most timeless and precious valuables: love, connection, and meaningfulness.

Does it often feel like everything in our society rotates around woman, falls on her shoulders… YOUR shoulders?

Elly Alena Dream - A Dream PhotoAs a mom who is insanely devoted to her kids, husband, the family we created together and a working professional – I know far too well both the wild balancing act it takes to do what’s best for my loved ones (big and small!) and the desire to preserve my family history, its precious fleeting moments… and the disappointment of seeing your self-image tarnished by quick family snapshots! Trust me, photographing our own kids is no picnic… and missing their genuine expressions, the special quirks we find so charming… in addition for falling victim to unprofessional horrendous renditions of ourselves..  

You know you look better then that!.. 

You and your kids deserve the very best!..

Through a game and interaction, I love bringing out the authentic personality of every kid, every family, the best features of everyone stepping in front of my lens, resulting in timeless, contemporary, artistic, candid, natural family portraits. 

A Dream Photo -Elly Dream image of mom and daughter connecting trusting, artistic fine art captured in family photosession in Marlboro Middletown NJ As your local professional portrait photographer in Middletown NJ, I am thrilled to create fun and memorable family photo sessions for all generations: from newborns and babies, to teens, parents and grandparents. My specialty, my passion, my obsession – is preserving every mom’s beauty as I am capturing how she FEELS about her loved ones, how special they all FEEL about each other, what it FEELS like to be part of your amazing family.

Preserve your bonds as art in your home!

By the end of our portrait journey together, I would love for you to relish in a splurge of love and confidence as you walk by a family gallery, flipping through the pages of the album or being greeted in the morning by a very special portrait that captures the true essence of your family, the wondrous relationship each of you has with one another and the beautiful features you adore in each of them!

With the camera in my hands for 22 years, a certified Professional Photographer (PPA member, multiple award winner, and currently – Bronze Level accreditation standard, Portrait Master Associate, building my accolades towards a Master), I love to create fine art portraits where children look authentic, everyone’s expressions are real and candid, and mom – like the best version of herself! 

Family laughing and enjoying a custom album created during Family Portrait Photography photo session in Middletown NJ